Fitness in the Whare is a new exercise series designed so that you can work out from the comfort of your own home!

Hosted by Amiria Ellison featuring different instructors doing all different types of exercise from hula to crossfit, with meal planning tips and healthy recipes!

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This show gets you up off the couch and working out at your own pace in your own place! Workouts include post pregnancy exercise, animal movements, low impact routines and hula swag!

Fitness in the Whare also features a host of familiar faces including Amiria’s brothers, Jacob, Tamati and Leo Ellison.

Norm Hewitt and his whanau get their groove on, Wairangi Koopu puts Amiria through a hardcore crossfit routine and Jenny May coffin and Stacey Daniels show her how they like to workout with the girls!

It’s easy and accessible and it’ll get you puffing, stretching, lunging and squatting. “You can be as uncoordinated as me and still get a workout” says Amiria.

For parents with young children the gym or playing sports sometimes just isn’t an option. For others it maybe just the convenience of being able to switch on the TV and work up a sweat where no one else can see.

“Fitness in the Whare features people from all walks of life, the main idea is to get people up, active and exercising!” says Producer Fiona Apanui.

Fitness in the Whare guests include:

Stacey Morrison
Jenny May Coffin
Norm Hewitt and family
Alby Waititi & Matai Smith

Heather Te Au Skipworth, Founder of Iron Maori
Levi Armstrong, Patu NZ Community based fitness
Nathan Martin, Change Fitness
Glen Osborne, ex All Black
Wairangi Koopu, ex Warrior
Ngarama Milner-Olsen, ex Pulse Netballer
Jamus Webster
Jacob Ellison, Tamiti Ellison and Leon Ellison
Jo Apanui, Hula Swag Poly Stylz

For more info contact 

Fiona Apanui, Producer
021 736284

Exercise styles include:

Working out with the girls

Fitness with the whanau
Zoo movements and working out with the nieces and nephews.
Post pregnancy workout and getting back into training.
Circuit training

Low impact routines and stretching
Low impact routine!
Post pregnancy and cardio

Mau Rakau
Rehab training

Hula dance