Te Amokura Productions has produced an exciting new cooking show hosted by one of Aotearoa’s top chefs Rex Morgan (No Te Arawa me Ngai Tahu ia). Rex has cooked in kitchens all over the world and is the co owner of the Boulcott Bistro. Kitchen Kura represents whanau and individuals who may have been preparing for a 21st back on the Marae, a cousins wedding or an anniversary. They come on the show and tell Rex what the event is and what they’re plananing to cook. Rex then helps them to design their menu, perfect their dishes, and give tips and suggestions to ensure that everyone puts their best plate forward.
After their Kitchen Kura crash-course, contestants go off and cook for at their event – and we’re there to see how our chefs handle the pressure. Finally, they’ll have to report back to Rex with how it all went down!

For all recipes from Kitchen Kura go to the links below:

Episode One – Claire                            Episode Two – Marie