The Adventures OE of Piripi S2

Piripi is back for Series 2! Piripi has gapped it to Oz,… Since series 1, he’s given up the forestry and looking for a new mahi. Piripi’s taking adventure to the next lev, cooking Kangaroo in the outback , meeting the whānau taketake and being at one with the taiao. And mum… well she’s living her best life without him in the country, but still – she’s only a facetime away!

Why Apu? A series by Te Amokura Productions

A six-part series that explores that very question: Why is the Waiapu being consumed? A pātai which is both complex and complicated, intertwining people, culture, social conditions and the relationship to land and the environment.

Through a Māori lens, follow seven first-person narrated journeys to experience how a Māori worldview can guide a cause; aide someone’s success or struggle to find their place or purpose; or influence and affect small decisions that could have long term impacts on the immediate and wider world around them.

Turn your attention to others and experience how they navigate their world. Me aro atu tātou.

The Adventures of Piripi Kaiwaru logo

A humorous and quirky “coming of age” story set on the East Coast. The story follows Piripi, a 17-year-old coastie who’s looking after the whare in Tolaga Bay ‘cos mum gapped it to Wellington. Can he hold it down? Well, Mum Pele calls every 5 minutes to make sure he’s doing everything properly… which he isn’t!

A journey of women’s rugby within Ngāti Porou East Coast. This ten part series documents the aspirations of a community who are using the ever evolving sport of women’s rugby to transform lives.